Latest news from Havant Climate Alliance

Great Big Green Week

From 18-26 September, we’re hoping to see lots of events around the Borough, celebrating action on climate and sending a message to the politicians that we really care about the linked issues of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity and tackling waste and pollution. This is especially important as vital climate talks are taking placeContinue reading “Great Big Green Week”

Trees for Streets

More than 50 locations nominated across Havant borough More than 50 street locations were put forward by Havant residents as places where trees could be planted as part of publicity campaign by Havant Borough Tree Wardens and Havant Climate Alliance. The Trees for Streets initiative was launched following a request from Hampshire County Council asking theContinue reading “Trees for Streets”

Local elections on 6 May

The elections for Havant and Hampshire councillors are a key moment to get candidates thinking about the climate emergency and the action which needs to be taken. If you are meeting with candidates do ask them about their plans to cut carbon and involve the public. We are sending this pledge card produced by theContinue reading “Local elections on 6 May”

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